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Sarasota, Florida

Passports and ID Photos

US, Canada, England, Germany and most other countries

Sarasota’s Photographer for Passport Photos, Citizenship Pictures, Immigration Photos, Visa Photos, and Weapons Permit Photos

High Quality

Hime Photography creates the highest quality passport images in the Sarasota area. We can do passport photos for foreign countries, not just U.S. We regularly create passport photos for Canada, the UK, European, Asian, China, African, and South American countries

Super Quick

Typically less than twenty minutes

You leave with the final photographs

By Appointment

We work by appointment so there is no waiting in line

Give us a call to schedule your time



We custom create your passport or visa photographs to your country's requirements.

We make sure your head size requirement is correct.

We trim the photographs to the correct size for your country's photo specifications.

Portrait Studio Lighting

Flattering studio lighting with good color

Not like drug store overhead fluorescents with that green cast

Set of 8 Photos

Most countries need a set of two or three photos, we provide you with a set of 8

Canadian Passport

We are on the approved list by the Canadian Consulate in Miami

We have the stamp for the back of the passport