Client Response Gallery

  1. After you have made your selections and write notes Click the "Envelope" symbol at top, right corner of page to send your selections to Hime Photography.

  2. Retouching and image adjustment will be done on your selected images.

  3. To view the image larger, click on it. Click on larger image and drag to move it. You may click on more than one at a time to compare them. Click again on the larger image to close it.

  4. Please share this page with whoever else you would like input from. They will need both the correct email address and the password.

  5. Image numbers show when you click the pencil icon at the bottom of the image. (Leave Feedback)

  6. If you have questions, please call Scott Hime at 941-924-9287, or write him at


In the image grid:

  • Unselected Image
  • Selected Image; tick images you'd like to select
  • Leave feedback on an image

In the status bar at the top:

  • Displays the number of images selected; hides unselected images.
  • Refine selects; dims the unselected images.
  • Cancel filter; click to display all images, selected and unselected.
  • Send selections and feedback to the photographer.
  • Logout.

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