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Children's Photography

Hime Photography has been photographing children since 1981. Through the years we have created a comfortable and patient demeanor with our young clients. It is great that by the end of the session the children do not want to leave, they have had so much fun.

Why have your children's portrait made?

They grow so fast and change so much. Especialy in the early years. As your collection of portraits of your children's growing years increases, so will how much you cherish them!

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Children's Portraits
Children's Portraits
Children's Portraits

How Often?

  • "Pregnancy Portrait" at 8 1/2 months into the pregnancy
  • "Mother and Child Portrait" at one month
  • 3 Month Portrait
  • 6 Month Portrait
  • 12 Month Portrait
  • 18 Month Portrait
  • 2 Year Portrait
  • Each year near their birthday

Where should we do the portrait?

Portraits of newborns are usually created at the studio. As the child grows there are more options.

  • Studio
  • Beach
  • Park
  • Field
  • Your Home

We only work by appointment, so there is no waiting, we are ready when you arrive.


We typically use very few props. We do not like to clutter the scene with too many props. Something to sit on and maybe an accent piece. Through the years we have collected numerous children's size chairs.

What we feel really personalizes a portrait is for you to bring in something special to you or your child. A family heirloom perhaps? Or a rocking horse? We have done portraits with the child's collection. Stuffed animals, Star War figures, whatever is important to them! Bring in their bike, scooter, tricycle, sports or dance items - anything that is about what they do. Oh, and pets are welcome also!

Young Family Portraits

Clothing Changes

During most of our children's portrait sessions they will wear two different outfits. The first one is more formal and dressy. The second one is much more playful. One outfit is fine, two is great, three and the child is getting tired, four is just too many. One or two is best.

See our Clothing Suggestions!

Many Images to Choose

During an average children's portrait session we may create 50 to 150 images during the hour of time that we schedule for a children's portrait. After the session we edit that down to 25 to 50 of the best images to present to you. With our children's ala carte pricing system you may purchase anything you would like. Any image, any size, any quantity, any finish, anything you want!

Special Portrait

I have a number of clients that will pick out a certain year, such as 1,2 or 5, and treat that one as special for all of their children. As an example, from each of their children's 1st birthdays, they order a beautiful wall portrait and frame it nicely. As the years roll by they then will group all of the one year old portraits together of all of their children. It creates a wonderful and meaningful presentation.

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